Misquoting Jesus? Conference

Some Christians believe that the Bible is a historically reliable book; however, scholars in modern times often question its trustworthiness. Some say that there were so many errors in the transmission of the New Testament that we can't possibly know what the original text said. Many also point to recently discovered ancient writings, like the Gospel of Thomas, which present a very different picture of Jesus than the canonical Gospels. Furthermore, some of the moral teachings of the New Testament seem out of place in contemporary culture. With the Bible under attack from so many angles, should we still trust it? On March 2-3, Peace welcomes Dr. Michael Kruger, President and Professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte,to address these issues with us. Please mark your calendars and join us for this free conference! Sign-up here.

Outreach Choir & Orchestra

Do you like to sing? The Peace outreach choir performs regular ministry concerts at local assisted living facilities from September to June. We meet every Sunday afternoon at 4:00 to rehearse. The choir is currently on break until March 10. You can find the rehearsal schedule here. Please consider attending, even if you've never sung in a choir before. If you’re interested in being a part of this ministry as a musician or prayer partner, please contact Worship Pastor Ken.

Sunday Childcare Volunteers

Our Peace family is growing, and our Peace kids need you!If you would like to complete training to serve in this ministry, please email the Child Protection Team. Questions? Contact Alisa.

New Moms Meal Ministry

Help serve our little ones and their families! If you or someone you know is having a baby, please let Kristi Harvey know, so a meal or series of meals can be coordinated. You may also contact Kristi if you are interested in helping make meals for this important ministry.

Help For Moms With New Babies

Volunteer to help moms with new babies! This ministry is welcoming new women looking for a way to bless moms of new babies under one year old. Peace has welcomed several new babies in the last few months, and that means more new moms who need a weekly nap break or companion visit. Jewels can help according to their own ability and schedule. Want more info? Contact Janet Conner for details.

Electronic Giving

We offer online and text message giving. Click here for the details. Please be aware that there is a 3% charge to the church when giving with a credit card.

Church Office Hours

The church office will be closed Mondays and open Tuesdays-Fridays, 9-5pm.

Playgroup for young children

Attention mothers of babies and young children: come join us every Friday for a playgroup in the children's church room (Room C106-107, Education Building) from 9:30-11am. Come get to know other moms while we watch our little ones play. Email Amy Langley with questions.

Contributions for July 1, 2018 – September 30, 2018

  • Budget YTD Giving $325,750
  • Budget YTD Expenses $324,253
  • Actual YTD Giving $331,523
  • Actual YTD Expenses $303,889
  • Actual Difference YTD $27,634