Drew Boyuka 2019

Drew Boyuka, Deacon Candidate


I’m blessed to say I’ve known Christ for about as long as I can remember. I grew up in a Christian family, and accepted Christ as my savior when I was about 7 years old, at an evening children’s church activity. My understanding of that faith grew over time, of course, with some spiritual crises over the next several years where I wrestled with what it meant to believe, but I can trace God’s saving work back to that point. There was a time I was embarrassed to not have a more “dramatic” conversion experience, or worried it reflected weakness on my faith; as I’ve learned more about God’s covenant family and his promise for the children of believers, though, I instead consider this a blessing.


The next major development in my spiritual life came in 2004, when I was 15, and my family moved and started attending a new church (PCA). The teaching there opened a whole new perspective to me. I’d read the Word often before, but had never had it taught to me with the same depth. I watched my parents’ faith deepen under the same teaching, as well, and their witness during that time was a major factor in my own spiritual growth.


During college, I attended various churches, a small group on campus, and RUF, and generally “stayed the course” but not much more. When I started graduate school in 2011, however, two things happened: in Raleigh, I came to Peace PCA, and back home, a new pastor came to my family’s church. From both sources, I began to really learn more of reformed theology, and the new understanding had a deep impact on my spiritual life; in particular, coming to know God’s salvation as unconditional, perfect, and permanent lifted a weight from me I didn’t even realize I had been bearing. Sadly, I also learned the perniciousness of sin in the church during this time: after a couple years of strife and infighting, my home church ultimately split over the teaching and reforms lead by the pastor. It’s a tragic story, but to me it underscored the need to strive for unity in the church and to be submissive to her government, imperfect though it is, as well as the vital duty and weighty responsibility of those who shepherd.


God has continued to minister to me through Peace church. My community group has had an immense impact on my walk with Christ, through thoughtfully discussing and wrestling with God’s Word as well as prayer and accountability with others in the group. So too has the friendship and mentorship of godly men in the church, who have invested a great deal of time in my spiritual growth. As God has revealed more of himself to me over time, I have come to more fully see my own sin and weaknesses; but fortunately, he always reveals still more of his grace!


I would be honored to serve Peace church as a deacon. At the beginning of this process, I had doubts as to whether this was God’s will for me, or if so, whether this was the right time. However, through prayer and the encouragement of some of the elders and deacons here, I have a peace that God is indeed calling me to serve in this way now. Throughout the officer training, God has shown me the ways in which he has prepared me according to the requirements of I Timothy, but at the same time, also how far I humanly fall short of God’s standards. Yet, I have confidence that God will provide and enable me to serve well if elected.

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