Officer Nominations

Nomination Guidelines:

1. Qualifications for Officers are listed in I Timothy 3, and include specific character qualities and gifts helpful to the church.

2. The office of Deacon is one of sympathy and service, after the example of the Lord Jesus; it expresses the communion of the saints, especially in their helping helping one another (Book of Church Order, 9.1).

3. The office of Elder is one of exhortation and leadership, governing in kindness, shepherding the congregation. It requires the skill and wisdom to teach sound doctrine (Book of Church Order, 8.1).

4. Nominations will be accepted through Tuesday, February 12, 2019. A slate of nominees will be mailed ot the members of the church and a  congregational meeting will be held to elect new officers. 

5. All nominees and nominators must be communing members in good standing of Peace Church. 

Fill out the form below to nominate someone for elder or deacon after speaking with them.

This form is no longer available. It was closed for further submissions on 02/12/2019.