Puerto Rico Relief

Urgent: Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Help Needed

Peace supports Trinity Church (PCA) in Dorado, Puerto Rico, where Bruce Clark is the pastor. Bruce and his team are involved in ongoing relief efforts at this very moment, and they need our help. If you think you might like to support what they are doing, read on.

As you know, Puerto Rico has been absolutely devastated by Hurricane Maria. Electricity will be out for weeks and maybe months. Clean water is hard to come by, as is food. Bruce and his team are making the best of the situation, buying (from a local Costco) $1,500-$2,500 per day worth of water, milk, and food supplies and distributing them in poor neighborhoods each afternoon. These neighborhoods have not yet been reached by relief organizations so Bruce and his church are a needed source of help. It's amazing what they are doing. If you go to Facebook and look up Bruce Clark you can see pictures and read firsthand what they are up to.

Peace is sending $5000 as an initial offering, but much more is needed.

Bruce and his team are requesting financial donations to help them care for the poor. There are a few ways that you can help:

  • Give directly. There is a PayPal account set up to make transfer easy. Click here for the link.This giving is tax deductible.
  • On Sunday, 10/1, all cash offerings will go to Trinity Church's relief efforts.
  • Designated check. You may also give a via check (make the check payable to Peace, and put "Puerto Rico Relief" in the subject line) on Sunday or at any time.
  • Please pray for Bruce, his wife Sarah, their four kids and their friends and neighbors. Conditions in Puerto Rico are very difficult right now.