Fellowship Hall


September 7 


What? Fellowship Hall and Kitchen


Why? Built in 1992, these are constantly used spaces that need an update after several decades of heavy traffic. The changes we'll make here will make the spaces warmer, easier to use, and more welcoming to newcomers. These updates will enrich our fellowship together, as we regularly meet in these spaces. Cleaning and renovating these spaces will also be honoring to the LORD and reflective of his excellence and beauty. God is not shabby, and neither should his house be shabby. 


Note: The Kitchen and Fellowship Hall will be closed to all groups during this time, but they can still access to classrooms through the elevator door. Please direct questions about building use to



September 7   



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Timeline for Fellowship Hall Renovation 2018


Week 1 – July 16-20 – Preparation week – clean out closets, remove everything not needed; order needed materials 


Week 2 – July 23-27 – Demolition week – remove closets, ceiling, lighting, cabinets, doors, and appliances


Week 3 – July 30- Aug 3 – Rough in week – plumbing, electrical, carpentry, sprinklers, inspections


Week 4 – Aug 6-10 – Finish week - wall and ceiling work


Week 5 – Aug 13-17 – Paint Week - Paint, Cabinets, HVAC


Week 6 – Aug 20-24 – Flooring week


Week 7 – Aug 27- September 8 – Fit up week – Countertops, Tile, appliance installation, cleaning

What? The Parking Lot

Why? The parking lot is overdue for improvement and we've waited as long as we can before further damage occurs. We'll be improving drainage issues as well.

You can read about previous renovations as well as our rationale for renovation here.