Sunday School

Sunday School is about building a richer knowledge of God’s Word and equipping his people to live as faithful disciples through the challenges of daily life.

Classes are held between Sunday morning worship services, from 9:45 to 10:45. See below for more information on the courses we’re offering this quarter, and use our facilities map to find the room you're looking for.

For Adults

The Lord's Prayer (Fellowship Hall)

The disciples asked Jesus, “Lord, teach us to pray…”. Jesus taught them how to pray by giving to them the “Lord’s Prayer.”  The “Lord’s Prayer” in its wonderful simplicity teaches every believer how to pray, what things to pray about, and what promises to claim by faith.  Taught by Grant Buckner and Steve West meeting in the Fellowship Hall.

God’s Grace in Dealing with His People in Exodus and the Disciples in Mark (Music Room)

God deals ever so graciously with us so that we may be in a relationship with him to glorify him. This class will look at this theme primarily as it’s expressed in Exodus and Mark.  We will study the fundamentals of the faith focusing on his gracious dealings with his people in the exodus from Egypt and with his disciples during Jesus’ earthly ministry despite their sinfulness, foibles, and lack of faith. We’ll reflect together on our deep and continuing need for his grace. We will also look at his purpose for supplying that grace: to glorify his name. Taught by Joe Frazier meeting in the Music Room.

Bible Study: Ruth (C207)

This Bible study class continues to work through the New Testament book of Ruth. Taught by Bill Stern and Peter Budihardjo meeting in room C207 in the education building.

Peace 101 (Beginning October 13)

Interested in learning more about Peace Church?  Join Peace 101 and find out what the purpose and ministry philosophy is at Peace, the Reformed Faith and Doctrines of Grace, the Presbyterian form of church government, and how to grow spiritually.  This class will be led and taught by Pastors Doug Domin, Ken Langley and other elders of the church meeting in the B101, church library.

*While these classes are designed for adults, students are also welcome to participate.

For Students

Sixth Grade (C102)

OT Bible Survey – Genesis: Creation, the Fall, the flood, the Abrahamic covenant, the patriarchs, and Joseph
Teachers: Cam McFarland, Nancy Schultheis, Liz Buckner 

Seventh and Eighth Grades (C200/C202)

OT God’s Promises – Genesis-Exodus: Adam & Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses. In the covenant of grace, God promised to send a Savior and dwell among his people.
Teachers: Alex Fuller, Bruce Innes, Darla & Tim McDonald

High School (C204)

The Bible's best answers to life's tough topics. Taught by Eric Gatilogo and others. Meets in room C204/206.

For Children

Two- & Three-Year-Olds (C105 & C107)

God’s Family: Beginning the line of promise – Adam through Joseph
Teachers: Laura Parrish, Glynda Westerbeek, Sharyn Van Hook, Carla Laws

Fours, Fives, and Kindergarten (C109/C111)

God Created All Things: Discover the Creator through his Word and his creation
Teachers: Alisa Arslan, Dana Minnick, Deanna Patton, Jenna Tomlin

First and Second Grades (C104)

Living Together: God and his people; stories from Genesis
Teachers: Julie Beezley, Jennifer McGehee

Third and Fourth Grades (C106)

Worshiping God: The joys and duties of worship
Teachers: Melissa Hill, Beth Barfield, Veronica deVries

Fifth & Sixth Grades (C102)

OT Bible Survey – Genesis: Creation, the Fall, the flood, the Abrahamic covenant, the patriarchs, and Joseph
Teachers: Cam McFarland, Nancy Schultheis, Liz Buckner 

*Learn more about "the Big Picture." for children and youth education at Peace.