Audio Visual Team


A/V Team

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. Day to day pours out speech, and night to night reveals knowledge. There is no speech, nor are there words, whose voice is not heard. Psalm 19:1-3

The A/V Team serves behind the scenes to ensure that the worship service flows smoothly from the music and lyrics on the screen to the sermon and other spoken portions of the service. If you’ve ever tried to adjust the EQ settings while listening to music or tried to get the colors just right on your TV, then we need you on the A/V Team! We are currently running a livestream at our indoor service, as well as live sound at our indoor and outdoor services and need to add to our team. We can train you and get you serving right away. 

Contact Worship Pastor Ken Langley with questions.

Peace puts an emphasis on humility in its technology leadership and quality in its music and A/V operation.

Livestream and Soundboard

We need three people for each livestream service, One to run the sanctuary sound one to run our three cameras (with stream deck) and lyrics with ProPresenter. We use the Allen & Heath Qu32 Soundboard in the sanctuary for live sound. We use the Allen & Heath SQ-5 for our livestream audio. We use Boxcast to send our livestream to YouTube. If you have an interest in audio and livestream technology and want to assist with the technical side of a church service, this could be for you!

Visual Display

The other main responsibility of the A/V Team is to display the lyrics for the songs during worship. We use ProPresenter to display lyrics, play video, display Bible passages and show visuals. This crucial piece of our worship service plays an important role as it allows the congregation to worship “hands free” if they want to. This person also runs the camera angles with stream deck. We print a bulletin as well, but many people use the screen to view the lyrics.

Rehearsal and Set-up

Each week, the Music Team rehearses on Wednesday nights to prepare for Sunday. We are looking for people to attend rehearsals on Wednesdays to learn how to run the soundboard and/or the display & livestream software and to help set-up microphones, music stands and run cables, etc. for the Music Team.

Lyrics Preparation

Before the Music Team rehearses, we need people to prepare the lyrics and check them during rehearsal. Then, noting any differences, reporting them to Worship Pastor, Ken Langley.