Bible Studies


Women's Bible Studies provide opportunities to study the Bible in-depth while providing meaningful interaction with other women. Contact one of the leaders to get connected!

What's SHE Doing Here? The Messy Women in Jesus’s Genealogy - by Susan Tyner

This summer’s women's Bible Study opportunity is online from the PCA Discipleship Ministries - 9-week study (June-July).  The study will be on the book - "What's SHE Doing Here? The Messy Women In Jesus's Genealogy". It can be done individually or by groups. All the information (dates/registration, etc) is given on the above link. The workbook(s) must be purchased online from the PCA Bookstore but the weekly online lectures are free.

Tuesday Morning Bible Study, 9:45 - 11:45 am
"The Messy Women's" PCA study meets in the Music Room (C101).  Please contact Janet Conner for more information.

Thursday Night Bible Study, 7 pm
"The Messy Women's" PCA study meets in the Peace library  Please contact Dolores Rundle for more information.


Nancy Guthrie Bible Study Workshops & Tutorials
(Watch her video for more information on all the options available.)

Bible Study of God Does His Best Work with Empty
(past study)
Its themes of dissatisfaction, loneliness, disappointment, meaninglessness, and loss seem to have struck a chord with many as this summer of continued isolation and social distancing has left many of us dealing with these very things.

Saints & Scoundrels in the Story of Jesus 
(past study)
This study is ideal to do with friends - especially with others who have not yet come to faith in Christ or maybe new in their faith as it deals with repentance and faith in response to the generous offer of grace made again and again in the story of Jesus to scoundrels like me and you.

Biblical Theology Workshop TUTORIALS
(For those who have already attended a Workshop for Women)
Past Workshop Tutorial
1. Themes of emptiness, fruitfulness, and water
2. Themes of the land, exile/exodus, and clean/unclean 
3. Themes on Feasting, Hospitality, and the Nation