Kale, Gummy Bears and Summer Reading

There are some things that you can get enough of. For example, I have found that kale, despite it’s “superfood” status, is best consumed in limited quantities. And my beloved Haribo Gummy Bears, tasty though they may be, do give me a stomach ache when I eat them in large portions. (This problem occurs in my life far more often than kale overconsumption!)

On the other hand, there are certain things in this world that you can’t get enough of: hugs from a grandchild, words of affirmation from a spouse, time with a trusted friend… and grace… especially grace. Grace is God’s favor to the undeserving. In case you haven’t noticed lately, you are the undeserving. So am I. And we need grace in large portions. The kind that they would sell at Costco or Sam’s in big ol’ crates, and that they’d have to restock constantly. We need grace in bulk quantities, because we are big sinners.

I imagine you probably agree with what I just said. But if you’re like me, you sometimes don’t get it. You sometimes live, practically speaking, as though you could do just fine without God and his favor and mercy. Something tells me you need a reminder this summer about God’s love for you. 

So this summer, we're giving you a little book that is big on grace. Elyse Fitzpatrick wrote it, and it’s beautiful. It’s called Because He Loves Me. Will read it with me? I think it will help you see both yourself and Jesus more clearly. I think it will help us, as a church, become more gospel-shaped and grace-awakened. We’ve ordered free paperback copies that will be available (one per family please) in the administrative hallway for the next few Sundays. Or you can order the book for only $3 on Kindle, if you're tech-savvy like that. We’ll have a couple of opportunities to discuss the book together this summer. Until then, I’ll be praying that as you read, God’s grace will surprise you, and me too.