More Than Just Dental Care

The new Waterpik machine worked fine yesterday, but today it just quit.  I had been using this really great flossing method for many years, and getting good dental check-ups every time, I saw my dentist. “Whatever you're doing,” he always said, “keep it up.”  So, I did, even when my faithful, twenty-year-old machine died, and I replaced it with a newer model.

Now that new model had just died. What was I going to do?  I had tossed out the box it came in, along with the sales slip. The store would never give me any money back, and those things are not cheap.


So I added a pitiful complaint to my morning prayers. “Lord, I want healthy teeth, but I can't afford another one of these things right now.”   Then, as often happens, God dropped an idea into my head.  I had paid for the machine with my credit card. The bank might be able to look that up for me, as it was only a month since I made the purchase.


So I prayed again, asking God to give me favor with someone at the bank—and maybe even someone in the drug store.  It kind of reminded me of Nehemiah's “arrow prayer” when the king asked him why he was crying into the wine he was serving (something like that).


When I called the bank, a lovely young lady answered, and, feeling a little foolish, I asked if she could try and find the purchase on last month's Visa account. It was like she had nothing else to do that whole day!  She quickly found it and offered to print it out for me to pick up.


Ten minutes later I was at the drive-through window being greeted by name, and given the print-out I needed.  Inside the store, I found the manager, who immediately looked at the printout and the dead machine, and said, “we need to replace this; you must have gotten a faulty model.”  In minutes I had a brand-new machine—free!

My way home was through the bank drive-through again, to tell that beautiful young lady all about God's goodness to this complaining child of His.


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