No Pastor, Still?

What is going on in this world? In our church? And most of all, in you and me? Do you feel like I do? Like nothing is going well? Are you wondering what the heck is going on? There’s the ongoing pandemic, the ongoing 2-year search for a lead pastor for Peace church, and then what about all of our personal struggles? Sometimes, I feel like I can’t go on. I want to run away from my life. I want to hide. Sometimes, I just want to escape this world and be in heaven.


Then I remember that I’m not alone. I remember that God holds me in His hand, and He takes me by my hand. Sometimes I still complain and wallow in all of my struggles, but then God guides my mind to think about things like:

A dad holding a child’s hand as they walk across a busy street.

A pre-teen holding a baby bird that has fallen from a tree.

A child holding a jumping frog because he wants a new friend.

A mother holding a child’s hand in a store because the child had stolen toys during previous visits.

A newly engaged lady displaying a ring on her finger, glowing with excitement.

A baby held closely in her mother’s hands so she can whisper how much she loves her.

God says in Psalm 73:23, “Nevertheless, I am continually with you; you hold my right hand” and in Psalm 139:10, God declares, “Even there your hand shall lead me, and your right hand shall hold me.

Wow, God really does hold us. Can you picture it? It reminds me of the dad, the pre-teen, the child, the mother, and the engaged lady. It makes me see them all in a new light.

A dad wants to protect his child from danger and holds their hand to keep them safe while crossing a dangerous street.

A pre-teen holds the baby bird to see if it is hurt and needs help and healing.

A child holds the frog because he wants a new friend.

A mother holds her child’s hand in the store to keep them close to her and teach them that they can’t take toys they did not pay for. ( I had to do this with my own daughter.)

The engaged lady sees the great value of her precious engagement ring – knowing that it symbolizes her groom’s love for her and her great worth to him.

The mother holds her baby daughter close to her so that she can experience her mother’s deep love for her.

As God holds our hand, know that He’s not trying to hold us back. Instead, He is leading, protecting, providing for, and loving us. Even amidst our ongoing search for a new pastor, we can be encouraged that God intends this journey for our good and we can fully trust Him.

So next time you get discouraged and feel like you can’t go on, remember these examples. Reflect on the promise that God has you and me in His strong and mighty hand. He holds us because He wants to protect us, heal us, have a relationship with us, teach us, and show us how precious and valuable we are to Him. He wants to continue to remind us that He loves you and me beyond measure.


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