Our Messy, Magnificent Church (Pt. 3)

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Remember: The Church is Supposed to be Diverse…

A church made up of people with all the same weaknesses will become deformed and corrupt. So will a church with all the same strengths. A diverse church is a healthy church.

God restrains and exposes our particular strains of sinfulness by diversifying our community (think the Tower of Babel). He also fills the church with diverse gifts among its many parts to form one strong body (1 Cor. 12:12-26).

If Peace would continue to pursue the mission God has called us to, we must be a community where young people listen to older generations, and vice versa; where white people learn from minorities; where Republicans respect Democrats; where the affluent serve the needy; where families consider the struggles and strengths of singles; where same-sex-attracted Christians lead heterosexual brothers and sisters in love.

A new mission statement is enough to get a church excited about new initiatives for a few months. But when we learn to embrace the messiness of genuine Christian community, to pray for and expect great things from God, and to grow through and because of our differences, a mission statement becomes more than words on a page. 

We will begin to see God bring glory to his name, miraculous change in the world and joyful celebration in the church as we worship Christ, build community and love Cary together.


Teri says:
In describing the community we are building at Peace I would also include people with disabilities (cognitive & physical).
Trip says:
I agree! Practically, what do you think it would like for our church in be more intentional in that regard?

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