Power & Peril in 1 Kings

Sunday, Jan. 10, we’re starting a new, six-month sermon series on the book of 1 Kings. Here are a few reasons to get excited about this book:

1) You haven’t been reading 1 Kings lately (at least most of you haven’t)
This series will give us chance to take a fresh look at an under-appreciated part of the Bible, and to learn new lessons and celebrate new promises from the Lord in the process.

2) First Kings tells a great story 
Money, sex, power, rivalry, intrigue - all the stuff that Hollywood uses to create addictively popular TV shows and movies - are part of this narrative. One friend of mine calls 1 Kings “the original Game of Thrones.”

3) This book will expose your “issues”
As you read through 1 Kings, you’ll see that Israel’s story is also our story. They were inconsistent, unfaithful, and often downright rebellious. First Kings invites us to repentance and humility as we see our own disobedience reflected back at us through God’s people in the Old Testament.

4) First Kings will help you see Jesus with unique depth and clarity
Christ is the greater King, the true Temple, and the mighty Prophet that Solomon, the ancient temple, and Elijah all foreshadow. First Kings invites us to place our hope in Jesus, who forgives, protects and restores us as we learn to trust in Him.

I look forward to taking this journey through 1 Kings with you in the months ahead. If you’d like to do some extra study on your own as we work through this book, you might consider Iain Provan’s short and readable commentary on 1 & 2 Kings.

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