Songs We Sing Together

Singer, songwriter, and worship leader Wendell Kimbrough has a straightforward message about church music, namely, that it “should simply be good music that forms us as we sing it together.” If this is his goal in writing and recording his original music (and touring to sing it with many churches), then it is a massive success. Wendell has the unique gift of compelling story-in-song found in songwriters such as James Taylor or Paul Simon. Check out “Wake up O Daughter of Zion” from his Psalms We Sing Together CD if you need proof. The story he tells is that of the redemption, hope, justice and peace of the God of the Bible.


A few examples: “Pour out your hearts to God our refuge and trust in him to hear you cry. No other hope will never fail you, no other love will not run dry.” (From “I’ll Not Be Shaken”)


“You are weighed down; you are worried. Child, I see you; child I know you. Bring your burdens; bring your labor: come to me.” (From “Come To Me”)


“Then I saw God’s holy city, New Jerusalem, descend. And a voice announced with splendor, “I will dwell with you, my friends! I will be your God forever; you will never leave my side. You were always my beloved; now, at last, you’ll be my bride!” For behold, I am making all things new! Write this down; every word is true. Tell the world what I came to do: I am making all things new!” (From “I Am Making All Things New”)


I could continue quoting, but hopefully the point has been made. Wendell’s songs clearly illustrate God’s magnificent, uncompromised love for his people and are very easy to sing. They are, simply put, songs we sing together.


As a music leader myself, I look for theologically accurate lyrics along with melodies that are memorable and able to be sung by most people. Wendell’s catalogue contains many such examples. Check out Wendell’s music here.