Taking Church Online (Gospel Coalition)

The following is taken from an article published on the Gospel Coalition website. Link is below.

Like most other pastors and church leaders in recent weeks, I’m in the throes of confusion. The rapid spread of COVID-19 has forced upon us an ecclesiological conundrum. What does it even mean to be a “church” in times like this? How much does it matter that we continue to gather, physically, in the midst of such fear and uncertainty? Is such a decision wise or unwise? At what point are we being resolute or reckless? 

Adding to the confusion for me is that I am preparing to release a book at the end of March in which I suggest, in no uncertain terms, that the church has always been and will always be an analog reality—a community that bypasses the conveniences of digital “connections” in order to commune with one another in real time and space. My critique of video-venue and online church is now colored in a new and unexpected way. 

In light of recent developments, here are a few thoughts to consider as we navigate these anxious days. Read the rest here.