"Ten Thanksgivings"

"Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits" 
Psalm 103:2

One, for breath, that I do not have to think about the next one;
Two, for the sun that rises every morning,
for an earth that turns on its axis, 
     all without my help;
Three, for a place to call home,
my dirt, my trees, my place;
Four, for children that call me Daddy,
and love me, in spite of the fact
that they had no choice about me;
Five, for a wife who keeps on with me and overlooks the worst of me;
Six, for the color blue;
Seven, for health -- limbs that work,
eyes that see, and ears that hear;
Eight, for books,
every good one a friend and mentor to me;
Nine, for truth, both special and common,
God-breathed and God-made; and 
Ten, that I am not an orphan but an adopted son of God,
a treasure in  a broken land,
a sheep in His hand, an heir to His estate,
and on my way Home.