Three Goals for Peace Members

Dear Peace Family,

Can you believe it? Summer has begun! As the 2017-18 church year kicks off on July 1, I want to encourage you on three fronts, all of which are related to our mission as a church. Each of these directives is very simple, but we shouldn’t underestimate the power of faithfulness in these areas. If each Peace member takes these exhortations seriously, I am confident that our church will grow both spiritually and numerically over the next twelve months.

  1. Worship Christ by Showing Up: The author of Hebrews said it best: Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage on another… Did you know that your weekly presence at church is vital? It is important not only because God calls you to honor Him by participating in corporate worship and because you need to hear His Word, but also because your presence encourages others. When you aren’t here, we really do miss you! My heart is sometimes heavy when I consider how many of our flock regularly miss worship services and Sunday School. Remember: When we make Sunday worship attendance a priority, we please both God and our brothers and sisters in Christ.
  2. Build Community by Inviting (Peace) People Over: The early Christian church was characterized by hospitality, sharing their homes and possessions with one another (Acts 2:44-47).  All these years later, sharing our living space with one another is still one of the best ways to remind each other of the welcome that Jesus shows his people. Let me put it very directly: Other Peace members need to see the inside of your home, your back deck, and your kitchen! Opening our homes is one of the best ways to open our hearts to others. Let’s especially prioritize getting to know folks with whom we don’t yet have relationships. Hospitality toward old friends is great, but remember—it was hospitality to strangers for which God commended Abraham (Hebrews 13:2).
  3. Love Cary by Bringing One Person or Family to Church: There are lots of ways to Love Cary, but I’m going to suggest a very simple one. I would like to challenge each member of the church to invite at least one unchurched person/family to a Sunday worship service before the end of 2017. One. That’s it. It’s not a big number. But it’s a number Jesus cares about. Remember the parable He told about the lost sheep (Luke 15:1-7)? It’s worth reading on a regular basis, as it reminds us that it is often those who are not yet in our midst that are most on Jesus’ heart.

Worship Christ. Build Community. Love Cary. That’s what we’re about. And these are simple ways to be about it. Here’s to staying on mission together this next year!

Yours in Christ,