Too Tired

Golly Day. I am SO Tired. Sometimes I don’t know how to keep holding my head up. Multiple Times after we had our first child, my husband found me sitting in the middle of our bed, rocking our crying baby girl back and forth, barely able to hold myself upright and desperately trying not to pass out. Then comes our second baby, a surprise child, born shy even of nine months after our first. I didn’t think I could be more tired than I already was. Funny how that works. Two baby girls under the age of one made for some extreme living with life lessons being shoved down our throats left and right. Funny how that works as well.

Here are a few of the things I was too tired to do….

Too tired….not to bicker with my husband.

Too tired….to take care of, or even remember, personal hygiene.

Too tired….to sleep, in terror of the pain that comes from having to wake up in only a couple hours for one of the babies.

Too tired….to smile or enjoy much of anything, needing to intentionally focus in order to overcome the exhaustion and notice how cute my kids were.

Too tired….to get actually angry.

Too tired….to care about things that didn’t matter.

Too tired….to second guess myself.

Too tired….to overthink everything.

Too tired….SO Tired….that I doggedly followed God as I could barely keep my eyes open to set my own course.

Tired, Weak, Broken, Shattered. These are Powerful Parts of Life. But they do more than drive you to the ground in Pain. They can allow God to work the Miracles that He is so known for. That can allow Him to Transform you into more than the wreck you feel that you have become, from the burdens that hold you down.

I beg you. When you are Tired. When you are Hopeless. When you feel that you cannot go on. Turn to God. Ask Him to see what you cannot. Ask Him to see the Beauty in the Pain. The Power in the Travesty. The Miracles that are surrounding you. I promise - they are always there. Sometimes, we are simply too far gone to see them.

Just ask. It will be given.