Volunteer Power

What is the value of volunteering at Peace? 
When we give of our income, we can measure the result and even calculate to determine things like the tithe. What is the value of our time though? When it comes to giving to the Lord we have nothing more valuable than our time. Unlike money, once time is spent it can’t be replenished. Time is precious and limited. God clearly stated in Genesis 6 that man would be limited to 120 years. Most of us will only be able to use two thirds of that at best! And then we really only have discretion over a small portion of that since we must work, eat and sleep. With our time being so limited many people want an increasing portion of it to be truly purposeful. Who else but the creator of time can acknowledge what has been given? God promises that giving what cannot be repaid by man will be “stored up in heaven” in Matthew 6.  
Of course how we give our time matters.  Turns out if we do so with a grumbling spirit it does us and others little good as Philippians 2 and Romans 12 exhorts us. God is clear that he loves a cheerful giver in 2 Corinthians 9.
Peace Church is the recipient of real value from volunteers. For instance there are many volunteers who work in the office, in the kitchen, with the children, with small groups, as officers, in ministry groups, serving food and coffee, in the nursery, as choir mom, with VBS, and on and on… Volunteers serve a practical as well as eternal purpose by not only assisting God’s appointed world changing organization, but also touching the lives of our brothers and sisters, especially those younger in the faith or those struggling.  Even seemingly small things like cleaning the kitchen counter or putting up a bulletin board or moving mulch helps more than you know.
Since many think in terms of finances it may be helpful to know the average dollar value of a volunteer in America is $23.07 per hour.  Church volunteers add even more value, as high as $50 per hour, according to the Corporation for National and Community Service. That study said that 25% of all American adults volunteered and gave nearly 8 billion hours of service valued at $173 Billion. Isn’t it amazing that spending your time for a good cause is powerfully shaping our culture as well as yielding good in your eternal future?
If you feel you would like to be more involved please contact me ( or an elder or a deacon, and we can plug you in to the right fit for you.