Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #12: For God's Work in the Hearts of Those Serving in the Medical Field

We prayed on Day #2 for God to give wisdom, strength, and endurance to those serving in the medical field---doctors, nurses, and other staff. As we have already for God's work through them, today we want to pray for God's work in them. For this is a time that God can speak volumes to some of those in the medical calling who may have been previously resistant to the Gospel.

Consider the recent powerful testimony of Dr. Julian Urban, a 38-year-old doctor working at a hospital in Lombardy, Italy, which has experienced some of the very worst of the Coronavirus epidemic. The hospital has treated hundreds of people with the virus; many have died. Here's what he said: 

"Until two weeks ago, my colleagues and I were atheists. It was normal because we are doctors. We learned that science excludes the presence of God. I laughed at my parents going to church. 

"Nine days ago, a 75-year-old pastor was admitted to the hospital. He was a kind man. He had serious breathing problems. He had a Bible with him and impressed us by how he read it to the dying as he held their hand. We, doctors, were all tired, discouraged, psychologically and physically finished. When we had time, we listened to him.

"We have reached our limits. We can do no more. People are dying every day. We are exhausted. We have two colleagues who have died and others that have been infected. We realized that we needed to start asking God for help. We do this when we have a few minutes. When we talk to each other, we cannot believe that, though we were once fierce atheists, we are now daily in search of peace, asking the Lord to help us continue so that we can take care of the sick.

"Yesterday, the 75-year-old pastor died. Despite having had more than 120 deaths in 3 weeks, we were destroyed. He had managed, despite his condition and our difficulties, to bring peace that we no longer hoped to find . . . I am happy to have returned to God while I am surrounded by the suffering and death of my fellow men."

Today, we fervently pray on behalf of those who are laboring so hard, medically, to treat those suffering from COVID-19. Pray that these doctors and nurses, and support staff, who are sacrificing so much for so many right now, would, during this time, come to Christ if they do not already know Him. Pray that they would find peace and comfort in Him during this stressful time. Pray for the salvation of many medical personnel.

Ps. 107:27-28 "They reeled and staggered like a drunken men, and were at wit's end. Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and He brought them out of their distresses."