Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #137: For the Possible Discovery of Antibodies to Eradicate the Coronavirus

The Army Research Laboratory (ARL), working with researchers from the University of Texas (UT) in Austin, is aggressively pursuing the discovery of antibodies that would attach to the COVID-19 virus and destroy it, which would enable medical personnel to help treat Coronavirus patients, even those that are critically ill with the virus. No such neutralizing antibodies have yet been found, but there are many hopeful possibilities, according to the ARL/UT researchers. There are currently 18 potential antibodies that may prove effective in fighting the virus. The antibodies are taken from the antibody-producing "B-cells" from the blood of COVID patients.

"We look to find sequences that are binding to COVID-19," said Jimmy Gollihar, a synthetic biology research scientist at the ARL," then we send them off to test their ability to neutralize. A neutralizing antibody keeps a pathogen from being able to proliferate." 

These neutralizing antibodies, if they are found, would not be vaccines. But, if effective ones are found, doses could be given to critically ill COVID patients to help them recover much faster. The ARL/UT team is at present collecting important data to determine whether any of these antibodies effectively neutralizes COVID-19.

Pray for these researchers at the Army Research Laboratory and the University of Texas as they gather this critical data on the possible COVID neutralization properties of these 18 antibodies. Pray for definitive answers as this laboratory data is generated and collected. Pray for God to give them much wisdom and discernment as these test experiments are performed.

Prov. 18:15: "An intelligent heart acquired knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge."