Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #142: For the Continued Shortage of Clorox Wipes During the Coronavirus Crisis

Even after months of the COVID-19 crisis, Clorox Wipes are still very hard to find. At the beginning of the onset of the virus in the United States in March, consumers stocked up on the wipes; the shelves in stores have been largely empty of this item ever since, and there is much difficulty as well finding them available online. Manufacturers of these disinfectant wipes---Clorox and others---were not prepared for this unprecedented demand. Part of the difficulty is that these wipes are made with polyester spun lace, which is also a key ingredient in the manufacture of masks. Thus, productions of two greatly needed items during the pandemic are in competition with one another---with masks certainly being the bigger priority. Manufacturers of disinfectant wipes say that the supply chain for this product may not recover until sometime in 2021.

Pray for the companies that manufacture disinfectant wipes. Pray that a way would be found to recover the production of these items sooner than next year. Household and businesses would greatly benefit from having these wipes as a way of helping to retard the spread of the virus (it has not yet been definitively demonstrated that COVID-19 can or cannot spread from surfaces). Pray that they would soon become available again.

Gen. 18:14: "Is anything too hard for the Lord?"