Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #155: For the Application of Blood Thinners in Treating COVID-19 Patients

The use of anticoagulant blood thinners may result in increased survival rates from COVID-19, according to a very recent study performed at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City and published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. In the study, patients given a therapeutic dose of blood thinners had a reduced risk of death of 50%; in addition, they were 30% less likely to need the use of a respiratory tube. The investigation came after it was observed that many patients infected with the Coronavirus developed blood clots. The team of researchers looked at the survival and death rates for patients infected with COVID-19 after placing them on such anticoagulants as antithrombotics, apixaban, and heparin. They examined 4,389 medical records in the Mr. Sinai Health System of patients confirmed to have infected by the virus for all of March and April of 2020. "Clearly, anticoagulation is associated with improved outcomes and bleeding rates appear to be low," stated Dr. Anu Lala, one of the Mt. Sinai researchers. "As a clinician who has treated COVID-19 patients on the front lines, I recognized the importance of having answers as to what the best treatment for these patients entails, and these results will inform the design of clinical trials to ultimately give concrete information."

Pray for these clinical trials at Mt. Sinai Hospital as researchers seek to focus on specific regimens of anticoagulants for hospitalized COVID-19 patients. Especially pray for their investigations of the blood thinners heparin and apixaban, which show the most promise. Pray indeed that an effective treatment for those very ill with the virus would quickly be developed which would lead to a greatly-reduced number of deaths.

Jer. 33:3: "Call to me and I will answer, and will tell great and hidden things that you have not known."