Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #160: For Pastors During the Coronavirus Crisis

Like everyone else during the COVID-19 outbreak, churches have had to make significant adjustments. And this has put a lot of demand and pressure on pastors, who even before all this had very demanding callings. 

Great adjustments in worship services have had to be made over these last five-plus months. Doing services online has, for many churches, required many technical changes, but in addition, has put relational distance between the pastors and their flock. Pastors are not getting to see as many of their people, as a whole congregation and individually, as they did before. This has made shepherding very difficult. Particularly, those often in need of the most shepherding-elderly people, and those suffering from illnesses and in the hospital-are more isolated from their pastors due to COVID-19 restrictions. There are no handshakes and hugs. Pastors are finding it more challenging to find effective ways of encouraging and upholding their flock during these times. 

Now that churches are working in some ways on reopening, at least partially, many pastors across the country are now reporting that there has been a rise in church conflict over how to do this. Some are pushing for quicker reopening, while others think the time is too soon. In a recent survey of pastors nationwide by Lifeway, maintaining congregational unity was by far the greatest challenge pastors say they are facing right now. 

Pray for pastors throughout the nation as they labor to shepherd their flock during the Coronavirus crisis. Pray for them to find the most effective ways to love and care for their congregation during this difficult time. Pray for God to give them His wisdom concerning how to do the services, when to reopen, etc. Pray for congregations to come together rather than divide during this challenging period. 

Heb. 13:7: "Remember your leaders, who spoke to you the word of God."