Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #163: For the Shortage of Bicycles During the COVID-19 Outbreak

For more than two months now, there has been an acute shortage of bicycles, along with parts and accessories, due to the great rise in demand for them after the outbreak of COVID-19. According to bike manufacturers and retailers, consumers may have to wait for as long as the middle of 2021 to get their bikes. 

One popular manufacturer, Detroit Bikes, has stated that those wanting to buy a bicycle may have to wait at least six months, since assembly parts such as seats and handlebars are back-ordered for some time.

After the onset of the Coronavirus, the bicycle market soared to $1 billion in the United States in a single month for the first time ever. The demand is attributed to the fact that people are looking to have short-term transportation to replace riding on buses, with the attendant risk of COVID-19 infection. People are also looking to find ways of recreation while at home more, and also exercise, with gyms still closed.

Pray for those who are seeking a bike, especially for needed exercise, during this acute shortage. Pray too for those whose bike is in need of repair, since parts are also in short supply. Pray that bike manufacturers could somehow recover and the supply chain restored. Bicycling is a major form of exercise and recreation in the United States, now more than ever. 

Ps. 119:75: "I know, O Lord, that Your rules are righteous, and that in faithfulness you have afflicted me."