Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #187: For the Possible Use of Nasal Spray INNA-051 in the Fight Against COVID-19

Researchers at the Australian biotech company Ena Respiratory have just announced the development of a nasal spray, INNA-051, that may be very effective in the fight against COVID-19, which they indicate is able to "significantly reduce COVID-19 levels in the nose and throat." In animal studies using ferrets, the spray reduced the replication of the virus by 96%. The spray compound works by stimulating the immune system prior to infection. The researchers believe that it could contain the virus to just its mild symptoms. The nasal spray, taken once or twice a week, is intended to be complementary for the eventual vaccine, when it is developed, with the treatment taking almost immediate effect. Human trials for the spray are believed to be less than four months off.

Pray for the continued testing of this nasal spray that shows so much potential in the prevention of major COVID-19 infections. Pray that the final testing and, provided the tests are favorable, manufacture and distribution of the spray could take place expeditiously.

 Ps. 61:3: "For You have been my refuge, a strong tower against the enemy."