Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #188: For the Continued Decrease in the Levels of Virus in COVID-19 Patients

Wayne State University researchers have recently released the results of a study which examined the viral loads, or levels of virus in COVID-19 patients, over a two-month period.  Their data was based on nasal swabs of hospital patients from April 4 to June 5. In the first week of the study, 49% of the initial viral load samples were considered intermediate level, 25.5% were considered low, and 25.5% were considered high. However, as the weeks went on, the researchers observed that the percentages shifted dramatically toward the low viral load side of the spectrum. By week five of the study, 70% of the samples were in the low-level category. This trend toward lower viral loads coincided with a decrease in the percentage of deaths. Nearly half of the patients (45%) in the high-level load group died, while 32% in the intermediate and 14% in the low-level category died. 

The results of this study may be important and encouraging. "Exact reasons for a decrease in initial viral load over time are unclear," stated Dr. El Zein, the lead researcher. "A downward trend in the initial viral load may reflect a reduction in the severity of the pandemic and trends in the viral load values over time may represent a marker to assess the progress of the pandemic. Rapid implementation of social distancing measures, lockdown, and widespread use of face masks may have contributed to a decrease in exposure to the virus."

It would be good to pray today for further research to be done in this potentially-promising area. Pray that more data could be obtained on the levels of COVID-19 in patients over time. Pray for a better understanding regarding the possible use of these viral levels to track the progress or regression of the virus.

 Ps. 33:11: "The counsel of the Lord stands forever, the plans of His heart to all generations."