Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #239: For New COVID-19 Restrictions in Various States

A number of U.S. states have recently imposed new COVID-19 restrictions in an effort to combat the renewed surge in the virus in these places. Below are the new restrictions in some of the states:

California: 41 of this state's 58 counties have been demoted to the most restrictive tier (purple) of a 4-tier reopening plan. Under this tier, restaurants, churches (indoor services), gyms, and other businesses must close. "We are sounding the alarm," Governor Gavin Newsom stated on Monday. "California is experiencing the fastest increase in cases we have seen yet---faster than what we experienced at the outset of the pandemic or even this summer. The spread of COVID-19, if left unchecked, could quickly overwhelm our health care system and lead to catastrophic outcomes."

Illinois: New regulations go into effect this Friday which limit capacity in gyms and retail establishments (excluding grocery stores) to 25%. Fitness classes will not be allowed inside, and casinos, indoor recreation facilities, theaters, and museums will close. Hair and nail salons will be allowed to remain open.

Indiana: This state has taken some action at the county level according to the level of COVID spread, limiting, for example, the maximum number of people at social gatherings is brought down to 25 in these counties. Business capacities have not yet been reduced.

Iowa: Governor Kim Reynolds instituted a statewide mask mandate this past Monday, and ordered bars and restaurants to close by 10 pm. Indoor gatherings are capped at 10 people and outdoor gatherings at 30 people.

Maryland: A new set of COVID-related restrictions was issued on Tuesday by Governor Larry Hogan. A 10 pm curfew has been established for bars and restaurants. There is a 50% capacity restriction for retail stores, religious facilities, and salons, and visitation has been suspended at hospitals and nursing homes.

New Mexico: A stay-at-home order began on Monday which requires all residents to shelter in place for two weeks with the exception of essential travel. All non-essential businesses are required to shut down.

North Carolina: On November 10, Governor Roy Cooper lowered the number of people allowed at indoor gatherings back down to 10 (churches are excepted), and 50 people at outdoor gatherings (churches again excepted).

Oregon: Per Governor Kate Brown's executive order of yesterday, in what (along with New Mexico) the Associated Press has called "the most aggressive response yet to the latest wave of coronavirus infections," all businesses are required to close their offices for a mandatory work-from-home period. Gyms, museums, pools, movie theaters, and zoos are closed. A maximum number of 6 people are allowed at social gatherings.

Pray for these states and others that have begun to once again put in place shutdown restrictions. Pray for the COVID-19 virus peak to subside as a result of these measures. Pray for there to be sufficient ICU capacity at hospitals in these states to treat those with severe infections and complications. Pray for those who are being put out of work as a result of the renewed restrictions.

Prov. 18:10: "You are a hiding place for me; You preserve me from trouble; You surround me with shouts of deliverance."