Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #262: For Increased Shoplifting During the Coronavirus Crisis

While at the grocery store checkout, you may have noticed more store workers stationed there, carefully watching each customer as they check out. This is because, with the economic strain for some during the COVID-19 crisis, and with food charities overwhelmed in some places, there is more shoplifting taking place. A recent report in the Washington Post indicated that at some supermarkets, theft has more than doubled. Food insecurity is at its highest levels in years in states like Rhode Island, where an ABC news report stated that one in four households is affected. Reports from states such as California, Wisconsin, New York and Texas indicate that many of the people applying for food assistance have never done so before. Too Good Yogurt, a company owned by Danone North America, did a survey of 2,000 Americans in October, in which 79% said that they were struggling with food insecurity, 60% stated that the expiration of federal stimulus made it harder to put food on the table, and 37% said that they have skipped meals in order to ensure that their children were fed. Some believe that all of this may become worse when unemployment benefits run out for 12 million Americans on December 26.

Pray for the millions of people that are experiencing food insecurity as the COVID-19 crisis continues. Pray for God's provision for those without food, through food charities, Christian ministries, and government agencies. Pray too for there to be a resolution in the second stimulus talks in Congress, which have been at an impasse for months. Pray that many in need would see God's gracious provision and that they would then glorify Him.

Ps. 6:4: "Turn, O LORD, deliver my life; save me for the sake of Your steadfast love."