Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #264: For the Special Shipping and Storage Requirements of the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine

The first deliveries of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine, sent to 145 distribution centers across the country, occurred today. This vaccine must be given in two doses, 21 days apart. The especially-demanding aspect of this vaccine is that it must be maintained at temperatures of -70 degrees Celcius (-94 degrees Fahrenheit) or lower. If it isn't, the effectiveness of the vaccine will be compromised. Facilities, where the vaccine will be distributed, must therefore have special freezers capable of running at these very cold temperatures. Shipping vaccine samples is therefore quite challenging. Pfizer has developed special temperature-controlled thermal shippers that utilize dry ice (solid carbon dioxide, which maintains its solidity at -109 degrees F). Each shipping container contains a GPS-enabled thermal sensor. Control towers track the temperature and location of each vaccine shipment.

Pray for the safe arrival and careful low-temperature storage of these COVID vaccine shipments. Pray that any problems in temperature maintenance would be quickly detected. Pray that this vaccine, and the others to follow, would bring the pandemic to an ultimate end.

Ps. 89:13: "You have a mighty arm; strong is Your hand, high Your right hand."