Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #300: For South Carolina's Vaccination Delays

The governor of South Carolina, Henry McMaster, sent a letter last week to the South Carolina Hospital Association asking that the state's hospitals voluntarily limit the number of non-essential medical procedures in order to free up staff to help with the growing need for COVID-19 vaccinations. Since then, McMasters has threatened to take executive action, in view of the fact that hospitals have administered two-thirds or less of the vaccines they have on hand. As of yesterday, hospitals in South Carolina had about 78,500 unused doses of vaccine. "Right now we have doses that have not been given that are sitting on the shelf," McMaster said at a press conference yesterday. "That ends. That is over. We're not doing that anymore. . . even if I have to order ending elective surgeries in some hospitals to free up staff to give those shots." For their part, the medical community is concerned that there will be an ample supply of vaccine to meet the coming demand. "Predictable supply continues to be the thing that limits the ability to go faster, not staffing," Tod Augsburger of Lexington Medical Center stated. The Midlands Hospital in Columbia, SC, for instance, received just 950 doses of vaccine this week versus 3,000 the week before. "The more we're confident in our ability [to receive vaccine], then we can book more appointments. So we just have to make sure we keep getting the vaccine."

Pray first all that there will be an adequate supply of the vaccine everywhere that it is needed throughout the nation. This is a very big prayer, since the demands are great right now, and will continue to be for some months. And then, we also need to be praying for the hospitals and other facilities where the actual vaccinations are given. With the rise in COVID patients, most medical facilities are very short-staffed right now. Pray for the additional personnel that is needed, and also, for wisdom where hard choices need to be made concerning what non-essential medical procedures may need to be delayed for now.

Rom. 12:12: "Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer."