Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #302: For Another New COVID-19 Strain, CAL.20C, Found in California

Another new COVID-19 strain, termed CAL.20C, has been identified in California. It is being found in more than one-third of the COVID patients in Los Angeles County. Health officials believe that this new variation is driving the surge in the virus in that area. A California pulmonary disease specialist in Southern California, Dr. Imran Sharief, is the one who has tied this new mutation to the Los Angeles COVID surge. "We have a surge in California, and I think it's all because of a new strain," he said. "None of my hospitals have any beds available. Every patient I see in the hospital has COVID, there is nothing else. I have never seen any disease-causing this much severity of sickness. On normal days we have on average a 28-bed ICU unit, but now with make-shift ICU capacity, that has been increased to 60 to 70 beds. I am seeing at least four to ten cardiac arrests daily. During normal days you see the same number of cardiac arrests in three to four weeks." Like the other COVID-19 variants, researchers are actively studying CAL.20C to be sure that the current vaccines are effective against it.

Pray for wisdom for virology researchers as they evaluate the very important question concerning the effectiveness of the present COVID-19 vaccines against the CAL.20C variant of the virus. Pray that this new mutation would not transmit as readily as anticipated. Continue to pray for the Los Angeles area, as it experiences a considerable surge in COVID-19.

Ps. 141:1: "I call upon you, O LORD; make haste to me. Give ear to my voice, when I call to You."