Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #311: For One Hopeful Sign: A Continual Reduction in 7-Day Averages of Daily COVID-19 Cases Since Jan. 8th

One helpful tool to assess the progress of the fight against the COVID-19 virus is the ongoing graph of 7-Day Averages of the new cases of the virus (you can see this by typing "COVID in USA" in Google). It's encouraging to see that since January 8th, the number of new cases has steadily decreased. Here are the numbers:

7-Day Averages of New Cases of COVID-19

January 8: 259,464
January 9: 253,958
January 10: 254,866
January 11: 250,724
January 12: 249,961
January 13: 246,185
January 14: 240,232
January 15: 231,711
January 16: 224,499
January 17: 218,971
January 18: 207,495
January 19: 201,117
January 20: 195,062
January 21: 188,139
January 22: 181,105
January 23: 176,290
January 24: 170,559
January 25: 172,430
January 26: 167,651
January 27: 163,182
January 28: 159,625
January 29: 155,901

To put this in perspective, however, we should remember that these are still extremely high 7-day averages as compared to those back in the spring and the summer. The highest this average of new cases reached in the spring was 31,709 on April 10th, and the highest 7-day average of COVID-19 in the summer was 66,692 on July 19th. It would seem likely that it will still take some time, likely months before the present number of new cases falls to near zero. The vaccinations, we pray, will make them fall quicker. There has been concern that the new COVID-19 mutations, which appear to be more contagious, could cause another rise in the number of new cases before sufficient vaccination occurs, but thus far, thankfully, these new variants have been multiplying slowly.

Pray that the 7-day average of new cases of COVID-19 would continue to fall. Pray that as vaccination continues, this average of new cases would decrease at an even quicker rate. Continue to pray that the new COVID-19 mutations would not spread quickly.

Ps. 86:11: "Teach me Thy way, O LORD, that I may walk in Thy truth; unite my heart to fear Thy name."