Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #331: For the Delay in COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Due to Winter Storms

The recent wave of winter storms in many states in the country has led to significant delays in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. Today, the White House reported that 6 million doses were currently delayed due to weather. All 50 states have been affected by the delays. "The 6 million doses represents about three days of delayed shipping," Andy Slavitt, White House COVID-19 advisor, said. Some states have been able to make up for the delay with existing inventory; others have not. Road closures, snow and ice accumulation, and power outages have contributed to the delays. "More than 2,000 vaccine sites are located in areas with power outages," Slavitt said, "so they're currently unable to receive doses." Due to concerns about the necessary cold storage of the vaccines, officials do not want to ship the vaccines to locations where the power is out. As the weather improves now, the backlog will hopefully be soon reduced. As of today, 1.4 million of the delayed 6 million doses were already in transit.

Pray that this nationwide backlog of COVID-19 vaccine would soon be eliminated. Continue to pray that the vaccines reach the places where doses are most in need.

Ps. 18:16: "He reached from on high, He took me, He drew me out of many waters."