Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #352: For the Lengthy Leveling-Off of New Cases of COVID-19

It is still little in the medical journals and news that provides a definitive reason for the lengthy leveling-off of daily new COVID-19 cases in the United States. Daily new cases began to dramatically plummet on January 8th, and this steep drop continued until mid-February. For nearly a month now, however, the daily new cases of COVID-19 nationally has remained more-or-less level, instead of continuing to drop (the one-day spike during this period on March 8 seems to have been a statistical abberancy). Here are the numbers below:

Jan. 8th 300,594
Jan. 9th 252,142
Jan. 10th 208,338
Jan. 11th 222,921
Jan. 12th 229,712
Jan. 13th 229,298
Jan. 14th 238,620
Jan. 15th 240,947
Jan. 16th 201,659
Jan. 17th 169,461
Jan. 18th 142,587
Jan. 19th 185,070
Jan. 20th 186,912
Jan. 21st 190,160
Jan. 22nd 191,705
Jan. 23rd 167,594
Jan. 24th 129,527
Jan. 25th 155,682
Jan. 26th 151,616
Jan. 27th 155,629
Jan. 28th 165,264
Jan. 29th 165,636
Jan. 30th 133,914
Jan. 31st 113,512
Feb. 1st 139,832
Feb. 2nd 117,919
Feb. 3rd 120,014
Feb. 4th 125,842
Feb. 5th 129,592
Feb. 6th 105,027
Feb. 7th 87,334
Feb. 8th 92,739
Feb. 9th 96,488
Feb. 10th 94,893
Feb. 11th 105,599
Feb. 12th 99,558
Feb. 13th 84,727
Feb. 14th 63,850
Feb. 15th 55,372
Feb. 16th 64,376
Feb. 17th 70,176
Feb. 18th 71,874
Feb. 19th 78,035
Feb. 20th 69,723
Feb. 21st 55,195
Feb. 22nd 59,462
Feb. 23rd 71,802
Feb. 24th 74,130
Feb. 25th 77,804
Feb. 26th 78,262
Feb. 27th 62,694
Feb. 28th 50,925
Mar. 1st 56,672
Mar. 2nd 57,789
Mar. 3rd 66,714
Mar. 4th 67,415
Mar. 5th 65,682
Mar. 6th 56,606
Mar. 7th 40,336
Mar. 8 98,513
Mar. 9th 55,832
Mar. 10th 58,530
Mar. 11th 62,689

Perhaps a possible explanation for the stalling in the descent of new COVID cases is the appearance of variants of COVID-19 which are believed to be more contagious. It may be true that in this scenario, the benefits derived from the initial vaccinations have temporarily reached a steady-state point where they are being offset by the more-rapidly multiplying new COVID-19 variants. This, though, is very hard to say for sure. It seems, though, at this critical juncture, we want to pray for these daily new cases to begin to fall once again. And as we do so, we can continue to be greatly encouraged that, although the cases have stopped dropping, they have not started back up, and, importantly, the hospitalizations and deaths from the virus are continuing to descend quite quickly.

We do want to fervently pray today, and in the days and coming weeks, for the number of daily new COVID cases to again begin descending, and that they would continue to do so. Pray for God's powerful work in eradicating this virulent pandemic.

Jer. 32:17: "Ah, Lord God! It is you who have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and by Your outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for You."