Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #385: For Canada's Surge in COVID-19

For virtually all of the pandemic, Canada has had a lower infection rate for COVID-19 than the United States. Very recently, though, Canada moved ahead of the United States with respect to new daily cases of the virus per capita. Cases of COVID in Canada now exceed those of earlier peaks of the virus in the spring and summer. The dominant presence in Canada of all three COVID-19 variants—from the U.K. Brazil, and South Africa—as well as a low percentage of vaccination, accounts for this surge in the virus there. Canada does not have domestic manufacturing capacity for the COVID vaccines, so all of the vaccines need to be imported. Currently, only 2.0% of Canada's population has been fully vaccinated. A hopeful sign, however, is the fact that vaccination rates have increased substantially over the last month. So presently, 20.7% of Canada has received the first of a two-dose vaccination. Various lockdown measures have been reinstated which vary from province to province in Canada.

Pray today and in the coming weeks for Canada as this new surge of COVID-19 has arisen. Pray for adequate supplies of vaccine to be available, and that the rise in COVID would soon desist.

Ps. 25:6: "Be mindful of Thy mercy, O LORD, and