Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #39: For the Real Estate Industry During the Coronavirus Crisis

In many areas of the country, there has been a steep drop-off in real estate sales. Homes for sale are no longer available for in-home viewing; online viewing is, of course, available, but this is less desirable since prospective buyers want to inspect homes in person. Many people that are wanting to sell their homes are putting off doing so until the COVID-19 crisis is past. In New York City, for example, listings are 80% below normal. The National Association of Realtors has reported that there have been precipitous drops in house sales since March. As time has gone on, both buyers and sellers are exhibiting less and less confidence in the condition of the real estate market.

Today we pray for all those involved in the real estate industry---real estate agents, office workers, and attorneys---as the depression of house sales continues during the Coronavirus crisis. Pray for their provision during this difficult time. Pray for those who need to sell their house but are not able to because of the restrictions from in-person viewing. Pray also for those who are in a position of needing to buy a house but are unable to. Pray that there would be relief from the financial impact of the COVID-19 restrictions, which has made it difficult or impossible for many to even buy a house due to lack of finances.

1 Chr. 16:11: "Seek the Lord and His strength, seek His presence continually."