Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #399: For the Current Surge of COVID-19 in Colombia

Colombia, a nation of about 51 million people, is undergoing a major surge in COVID-19. There are now record numbers of new cases and deaths from the virus, with more than 400 people a day dying from it. In cities such as Bogata and Medellin, hospitals are at near- or over-capacity. In Bogota, more than 90% of the intensive care units are in use in the city's hospitals. The mayor of that city, Claudia Lopez, has re-instituted the very strict lockdowns that Bogota had used earlier in the pandemic, with curfews and severe limits to mobility. The efforts to reopen schools there have also been postponed. Complicating things is the fact that a national strike has been planned beginning today due to a tax reform proposal by the Colombian government that is unpopular with many in labor. With the outbreak of COVID in the country, mass gatherings have been banned, and there is much tension in the nation as a result. Most discouragingly, there has been little vaccination in Colombia. After a slow start due to Colombia's internal bureaucracy, the nation is now being vaccinated at a rate of 700,000 doses per week. At present, just 2.9% of the population has been vaccinated. At the present rate, it could take a very long time for there to be sufficient vaccination in Colombia to prevent surges of the COVID-19

Please pray for Colombia today as it deals with a very serious surge of COVID-19. Pray for wisdom and endurance for health care personnel as they treat so many critically ill COVID patients. Pray for God's mercy for Colombia. And pray for increased vaccination in that country---that it would receive the needed vaccines and could distribute them quickly and efficiently, first to those of the highest risk.

Ps. 55:1-2: "Give ear to my prayer, O God; and hide not Thyself from my supplication. Attend to me, and answer me; I am overcome by my trouble."