Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #4: For Those at Higher Risk

Today, we want to lift up in prayer those that are at a higher risk for serious effects from the Coronavirus. Most of us have heard that, in general, the elderly are at a higher risk to develop serious complications from Coronavirus infections, and have a greater possibility of dying from it than are those that are younger. And those, of any age, whose health is already significantly impaired---those with serious respiratory issues (chronic lung disease, asthma, etc.), those whose immense system is compromised (for example those undergoing chemotherapy for cancer treatment), those with serious heart problems, heavy smokers, and those with diabetes or liver disease are much more susceptible to severe impact from the Coronavirus. And, we especially think of those who are in nursing and convalescent homes or are in in-home care.

Of course, health officials have been quick to point out that anyone of any age can catch the Coronavirus. But the above represent those who, if they contract the virus, can develop much more serious problems.

Remember to pray for these that are at higher risk to the Coronavirus. Pray that they and/or their caregivers would exercise wisdom in limiting possible exposure as much as possible. Pray for the Lord's protection for them. And, pray for their comfort and provision during this time of greater isolation.

Ps. 41:3 " 'The Lord sustains him on his sickbed; in his illness thou headset all his infirmities."