Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #405: For Uruguay's COVID Surge

The South American country of Uruguay is experiencing a surge in COVID-19 that is exceeded in that continent only to its bordering neighbor, Brazil, and also Colombia. Uruguay was quite successful in controlling the multiplication of the virus in the earlier stages of the pandemic but now has recently had record numbers of daily cases. As of April 30, Uruguay had a reported 196,000 cases of COVID-19, which was double the amount from a month earlier. Deaths from the virus have more than doubled in the last month, from 928 at the end of March to 2,563 at the end of April. Health officials attribute the rapid rise in COVID to the increasing presence of the Brazil variant of COVID-19, which is more highly transmittable. The borders of Uruguay are now mostly closed; only Uruguayan nationals and permanent residents can enter the country, as well as those coming for family reunification, diplomats, haulage drivers, and those traveling for urgent business purposes. The closure will have a marked effect on Uruguay's summer tourism, one of its most important industries.

Pray for Uruguay during this time of elevated COVID-19. Experts believe that the virus may possibly have begun to peak. Pray that this will be so and that it will fall quickly as protective measures are taken in the country. Pray for vaccination to continue well—about 20% of Uruguay's population has been fully vaccinated thus far.

Ps. 94:22: "But the LORD has become my stronghold, and my God the rock of my refuge."