Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #41: For Materialism in the U.S. and in the Church

The United States has long been steeped in materialism. Indeed, almost none of us can honestly say that we have not been affected by this. The U.S. has abundant resources, second to none in the world. There is a wonderful array of food, clothes, electronics, etc. to be had here in our nation. It's so easy to find ourselves caught up in it all. Even the Church has not been immune to the materialistic influence herein in our country. Even we who are Christians can find ourselves caught up in the bondage of mammon and the drive to accumulate and seek lives of affluence.

The Coronavirus crisis is causing many of us to think about this more. As shortages of food and goods multiply during this time, it gives us pause as we remember that for many countries in the world, economic conditions are routinely far worse than what exists here now, even in the midst of the financial effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. For we who desire to submit daily to the Lordship of Christ, our prayer is that we, God's people would not be consumed by our consumption.  

We do pray that God would use this crisis to cause many to think about the idol of mammon. Especially we pray so for the Church. Pray that we would repent of any idols of money and material goods that have taken God's place in our hearts, or are leading us away from Him. Pray that God would break the stranglehold that materialism has on many, outside, and inside the Church. Pray that we would seek more to bless those in need rather than hoard things for ourselves. 

Matt 10:8: "Freely you have received; freely give."