Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #420: For Studies Concerning the COVID-19 Vaccines and Fertility

Concerns about the possible effects of the COVID-19 vaccines on fertility surfaced on social media and the Internet earlier this year, and since that time, several scientific studies have shown conclusively that there are no such effects. Most probably, the concerns arose over confusion between the spike protein associated with COVID-19 and the spike protein syncytin-1, which is involved in the growth and attachment of the placenta during pregnancy. The COVID vaccines are designed to fight the COVID spike protein. The misinformation that traveled so widely suggested that the COVID vaccines w0uld cause a woman's body to fight the syncytin-1 spike protein, thus impacting fertility. But this is not at all the case. "The two spike proteins are completely different," Johns Hopkins medicine experts Dr. Andrew Satin and Jeanne Sheffield stated, "and getting the COVID-19 vaccine will not affect the fertility of women who are seeking to become pregnant, including through in vitro fertilization methods." Satin is director of gynecology and at Johns Hopkins and Sheffield is director of maternal-fetal medicine there. During the Pfizer clinical trials, they point out, 23 female vaccination volunteers became pregnant, and the only one who suffered pregnancy loss was in the placebo group. Other studies have affirmed this finding as well. "Women actively trying to conceive may be vaccinated with the current COVID-19 vaccines," Satin and Sheffield said. "There is no reason to delay pregnancy after completing the vaccine series. These findings are backed by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), which states on its website: "Unfounded claims linking COVID-19 vaccines to infertility have been scientifically disproven. ACOG recommends vaccination for all eligible people who may consider future pregnancy." The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) makes a similar statement.

As vaccination continues in the United States and around the world, pray that cases of the COVID-19 virus would continue to drop. We continue to thank God for His mercies as the virus recedes in our country.

Ps. 21:13: "Be exalted, O LORD, in Thy strength! We will sing and praise Thy power."