Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #62: For the Lessons to Be Learned from the Coronavirus Crisis

As many states are now at least in the early stages of reopening, this would perhaps be a good time to pause and reflect on possible lessons to be learned from the Coronavirus crisis. What are some of the things that God is wanting to teach us? Here are 12 things that I thought of. There are no doubt many more, but these are what came to mind:

1. Trust God more. Our prevailing tendency is to trust in ourselves, our abilities, and our resources. This hard time has shown us how quickly all this can be swept away. Only God is a Rock that we can trust and depend on absolutely.

2. Pray more. Seek God for what we need. For our daily provision; for our health; for our spiritual walk; for our loved ones; for our church; for our communities, city, state, country, and our world; for our leaders.

3. Examine ourselves. God uses crises to get people's attention. What is God saying to us as individual Christians and for the spiritual condition of the Church as a whole? Where is there sin in our lives and in the corporate Church? What do we need to confess and repent of?

4. Be thankful. We are not always a thankful people, individually and collectively. Often, we complain and whine. This COVID-19 experience can teach us to truly be believers that are thankful for all of God's many blessings.

5. Love our neighbors more. For many of us, we have thought more about our neighbors during this time. Let this trying time, where many are hurting and without hope, be a time when we reach out more to our neighbors and learn to truly love them.

6. Seek God's kingdom first. During this time of testing, we are seeing how fragile and vacuous man's kingdoms are, in spite of all of the great time and efforts we invest to build them. We are therefore vividly reminded that only God's kingdom will last, and it is His kingdom we must seek, foremost, and above all else.

7. Remember how precious the Gospel is. During this difficult time, we have witnessed how great a treasure the Gospel really is. What hope we have in the midst of trial! What joy! What security we have in our God, who has conquered death and sin through His Son! There are no greater riches on this earth.

8. Slow down. One thing is for certain, this is a time that we have all, in one way or another, had to learn to slow down. This is many ways has been good for us. Life in our time is very fast---too fast, often. It's been good to decelerate our pace of life. We should ask God to show us how to build some of this into our lives, once this crisis passes.

9. Don't take things for granted. It's been easy for us to take so much for granted. Grocery stores stocked full with food and supplies; freedom to go out wherever and whenever we want; steady employment; good health, and many other things. These things are blessings from the Lord---we don't take them for granted anymore.

10. Appreciate the "little" things. This time has reminded us that the "little" things in life are so often really the big things: family; quiet time to talk, read, and to think; daily provision of food and shelter; church family, etc.

11. Live more simply. We've had to do with less during this time, in various ways. How was life too involved and complex for us prior to this? How can we simplify for the future?

12. Appreciate more our corporate worship times. We haven't been able to come together for face-to-face for corporate worship for over 2 months, and are now just beginning to get the opportunity to do so. Will our times of worship together be more precious to us now? 

Pray today for the many things that God wants to teach us during this time of crisis. Pray that we would truly learn everything he wants to teach us. Pray that we would honor God through our personal and corporate response as His people to this COVID-19 crisis.

Ps. 25:4: "Make me to know Thy ways, O Lord; teach me Thy paths."