Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #66: For Libraries and Archives During the Coronavirus Crisis

Across the world, libraries and archives are closed---everything from local public libraries to those at colleges and universities, to the Library of Congress, the National Archives, and national libraries across the globe, thousands of facilities in all. This has brought research requiring the utilization of libraries and archives to an absolute halt and has affected private research (for book and article projects), military research, governmental research, and scientific research. Many staff at libraries and archived have been furloughed and laid off.

At the community level, the closing of public libraries during the COVID-19 outbreak has taken away an important gathering point for residents of small towns and cities alike. Homeless people have also been significantly affected by these closures since libraries have served as unofficial daytime shelters for them with bathroom facilities. Libraries also provide many social resources for communities and, especially in larger cities, are an important lifeline, especially for low-income families.

Today we pray for libraries and archives around the world that have been closed for an extended time during the Coronavirus crisis. Pray that they would be able to open soon when the COVID-19 virus subsides and that they would be able to rehire their staff workers. Pray for the full restoration of these important community and research facilities across our country and throughout the globe.

Ps. 31:7: "I will rejoice and be glad for Thy steadfast love, because Thou hast seen my affliction."