Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #69: For Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones During the Coronavirus Crisis and Also During the Currents Protests and Rioting 

With all that is happening in our nation right now, there is much sadness and grief. And lest we forget them, we want to today pray for those who have lost loved ones due to COVID-19 or complications arising from it. There are more than 100,000 deaths attributed to the Coronavirus in the United States. There has been and is much grief over the loss of loved ones. Funerals in many cases had to be postponed or were disallowed because of the COVID-19 restrictions, compounding the grief and preventing the needed closure for the loss of family members and friends. 

There also have been many injuries---protesters, police and bystanders--- and some deaths from the protests and rioting that has been taking place all over the nation. In Louisville, a popular barbecue restaurant owner, David McAtee, an African-American, was killed when police returned gunfire during an attempt to disperse a crowd. In Oakland, an African-American federal law enforcement officer, David Underwood, was critically injured when, while standing guard at the Federal Courthouse, was shot by gunfire from a passing vehicle. 

Two people were killed in Indianapolis over the weekend. Chris Beatty, a former offensive lineman for Indiana University and a prominent businessman in the city known as "Mr. Indianapolis," was killed, possibly near his apartment. And, an unidentified 18-year old young man was also killed in that city.

There were additional killings elsewhere, all thought to be related to the current unrest after the police-related death of George Floyd, in Chicago, Omaha, Detroit, and Minneapolis.

We do pray today for those who have lost loved ones and friends, both from the COVID-19 virus and from the violence that has spread across our country. We pray for God's profound comfort. How we pray today for the violence to cease and for God's peace to reign in our U.S. cities. We pray for true racial healing in our country. Pray that we, God's people, could model true Christian love that transcends color and culture. Pray that we, the Church, could confess how we have often failed to build the cross-cultural bridges and relationships that are so badly needed. Pray that as we do this, much glory would be brought to Christ, and our neighborhoods and cities would find the hope that only Jesus can give.

Matt. 5:4: "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted."