Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #73: For Loving Our Neighbor During the Coronavirus Crisis

With all that is happening right now in our nation and closer by, in our city, one thing is for sure. We want to learn to love our neighbor better. God wants to teach us that in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis and the unrest resulting from the police-related killing of George Floyd and others. When we truly love our neighbor, we are loving them with God's love, and really, God is loving them through us. So, here are just a few of the many ways we can be loving our neighbor at this critical time:

1. Give food and supplies to those in need. Perhaps you know someone---an individual or a family---that is in need. Bless them with food or other items. If you don't know someone in need, give to With Love from Jesus Ministries in Raleigh, Dorcas Ministries in Cary, or other groups that are serving the least of these.

2. Call someone and pray for them. There are many who need encouragement now. They are anxious and fearful. Or, they are discouraged and even maybe depressed. Minister to them through a caring prayer.

3. Encourage your local businesses. Through both the COVID-19 restrictions and the recent destruction and looting, especially in downtown Raleigh, there are many businesses that are in real trouble now. They need your prayers and encouragement. They may need volunteers to help clean up their places of business. Many will need financial help and unexpected blessings.

4. Bless your city with worship and prayer. In the aftermath of the night of violence in Raleigh, there have been gatherings for worship and prayer downtown that have been a great blessing to those that live and work there. The protestors have been ministered to as well!

5. Write letters of love and encouragement. Individuals, business and restaurant owners, police and law enforcement, doctors and medical care staff, EMS personnel, pastors, teachers, civic leaders, and many others would be blessed by an encouraging letter. We would be surprised the impact this could have.

6. Be a voice of hope. Remind one another as Christians, and let those that don't know Christ, that there is great hope in Him. Satan comes to kill, steal, and destroy, but Jesus came that we might have abundant life. Even in the midst of times like what we are living through, we know that God has not left His heavenly throne. He reigned yesterday, He reigns today, and He will reign forever and ever.

Pray today that this would be a time of abundant love of our neighbor. Pray that God would teach us to love them with His love. And pray for many doors in people's hearts to open as they are truly loved with Christ's love.

Lev. 19:18: "You shall love your neighbor as yourself."