Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #74: For Public Schools This Fall Amidst the Coronavirus

Public schools all over the nation are trying to prepare for possible reopening in the fall, but there are still uncertainties concerning whether or not it will be safe, in view of the level COVID-19 virus, to do so. Recently, the Wake County Public School System sent out a proposal, to parents of its 162,000 students, to get feedback. The school system's proposal is for those in the traditional school calendar to begin classes on August 17. Five additional days would be added to the school year, plus five remote learning days. Those in multi-track year-round school calendars would begin August 3, again with five more days of classes and five remote classes. The structure of classrooms---size and social distancing--- is still being studied and discussed.

Pray for our schools---both public, private, and Christian----as they endeavor to discern when the right time is to begin classes. Pray too for wisdom about how to have the classes. Pray for teachers, students and parents to be patient as these things are decided over the next month or so, in possible preparation for a fall school opening. Continue to pray that through this, there would a greater openness to God's presence in our schools. 

Ps. 69:32: "You who seek the Lord, let your hearts revive."