Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #88: For the Dangerous Threats of Clotting Resulting from the Coronavirus

By April, physicians treating patients with COVID-19 began to notice that with some people infected with the virus, a troubling and dangerous complication arises---that of the development of blood clots. Typically, when this has happened, it has been with younger patients, age 50 and under, even down to children and teens, though these latter ages are less susceptible overall to getting infected by the virus in the first place. 

A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine points to evidence that COVID-19 attacks the lining of the lungs and forms microscopic blood clots, leading to oxygen-deprived lungs. This study was on a very small sample of patients, seven total, but it does indicate that this may be a possible mechanism that leads to severe respiratory problems. Some people are more prone to clotting than others. This is a very important area for us to pray about, both for current Coronavirus patients and for those who get future infections across our nation.

We want to indeed pray for God to intervene in the bodies of COVID-19 patients. Pray for the prevention of clots that any clots that exist would disappear. What is impossible with man is possible with God. Pray for the Lord's wisdom for physicians and medical staff as they seek to combat this and other complications from the Coronavirus.

Jer. 17:14: "Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me and I shall be saved, for you are my praise."