Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #9: For the Wake County School System During the Coronavirus Crisis

By order of Governor Roy Cooper, all Wake County Schools are closed until May 15. Christian schools and private schools are also all closed. Administration, teachers, and school staff are all still being paid throughout this period (as are all state employees). During this time, they are doing training online, so they are keeping active in that way. Wake County Public Schools are planning to begin at-home online study as soon as possible. Holding that up right now is the challenge of getting laptop computers and hot spot devices to all students that don't have these at home. School officials are still trying to identify students that need them. Some parents have complained that it has taken too long for learning to resume-schools that have been closed since March 16. But the school system has had a number of other challenges to overcome to get online study at home in place, including setting up programs to feed students who qualify for the federal free-and-reduced lunch program and getting guidance from the state on academic requirements.

We pray this day for our schools, public and private, as they seek to keep learning in place during this difficult time. Pray for the Wake County Public School System as it seeks to get these computers and hot spots to all students who do not have these at home, and to set up the needed free/reduced lunch programs for homes. Also, pray that the state would soon provide the necessary guidelines for what should be covered for online home education. Pray for teachers and staff as they receive online training that will help them in the future. Especially pray that this would a profitable time of learning for all the students while they learn at home.

Ex. 15:26 "I am the LORD, your healer." (Jehovah Rapha-one of eight Jehovah names in the Old Testament).