Daily Prayers

Daily Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis

Prayer #93: For EMS Workers During the Coronavirus Crisis 

All through the Coronavirus crisis, EMS workers have been under incredibly high demand. The call volume for 911 has ballooned astronomically, and EMS workers, and their families, are feeling stressed and incredibly overworked. EMS personnel are first-responders, on the front lines as the COVID-19 outbreak has continued for more than three months with no clear end in sight. Among EMS workers, there is nervousness about becoming infected with the virus, since they are transporting many to the hospital who have it. In order to protect themselves, EMS crews put on protective gowns, masks, safety glasses, and gloves. During times when the COVID-19 cases have spiked, as in now in North Carolina, for instance, it's easy for EMS workers to become overwhelmed.

Pray for these first-responders, the EMS crews that are so vitally important in our cities and towns across the country. Pray for their protection from the COVID-19 virus while they perform their duties. Pray for calmness, even as they experience high workloads during peaks of Coronavirus. Pray too for their families, many of whom have great concerns about the COVID-19 virus coming into their household through the EMS work of the husband/father or wife/mother. Especially pray for the Lord to work great in the hearts of EMS personnel during this stressful time for them.

Ps. 61:3: "For You have been my refuge, a strong tower against the enemy."